Wee Whale's World

Detective Whale For those of you who did not know, recently I was the victim of a whalenapping and this is my whale of a tale.
Though I was not harmed, I did suffer some dehydration and mental anguish. The nappers got away with nearly 5,000,000 clams (thank to the present economy, about $9.43 in US Dollars.) I am now in hot pursuit of them in an effort to bring these phoney fisherman to justice. Join me on my quest as I travel the globe

Week one, heading West across the US
Roswell Grand Canyon Las Vegas Golden Gate Bridge Hawai`i
Week two, in the Pacific
Australia Singapore Japan
Week three, in Asia
China Thailand India
Week four, in Russia
Siberia St. Petersberg Moscow
Week five, in the Eastern Block
Warsaw Prague Budapest